Stormy Daniels shocks club-goers as she returns to the UK

Laura Hannam
Stormy Daniels is back in the UK. (REX/Shutterstock)

Celebrity Big Brother no-show Stormy Daniels surprised London club-goers at Soho nightclub G-A-Y on Thursday night.

Judging the club’s infamous ‘Porn Idol,’ which is traditionally hosted by a well-known celebrity, fans praised her ‘amazing sense of humour’ and one fan remarked, ‘Very seldom do you meet people in history when they’re actually making it.’

G-A-Y club-goer reacts to the adult film star’s appearance.

The risqué ‘Porn Idol’ nightclub event typically involves a celebrity judge dishing their opinion on club-goers as they voluntarily strip off.

Daniels public appearance comes just two weeks after refusing to appear on the much-hyped Celebrity Big Brother and after she claimed the CBB producers threatened to ‘deport’ her from the UK because of her no-show on the reality series.

The adult film star became a household name this year when she sued President Donald Trump over being paid alleged hush money to cover up an alleged affair between the two. President Trump has gone on to counter-sue and an international media circus has ensued.

Daniels was set to appear on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother as the rumoured highest paid contestant, with a £750k fee. However, she refused to enter the house at the last minute, claiming she had to pull out due to legal reasons regarding both President Trump and the ongoing custody battle of her daughter with her estranged husband Brendon Miller.

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