The story of 2022, in ten amateur images

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From the Russian invasion of Ukraine to the end to the right to abortion in the United States, the France 24 Observers team reported the stories of 2022 using photos and videos captured by citizens around the world. These citizens, our Observers, gave us a glimpse into their lives, whether it involved trying to survive the economic crisis in Lebanon, getting by under the Taliban in Afghanistan or surviving the gangs that rule Haiti. Let’s take a look at ten images that, for us, shaped 2022.

1. The Malian army is accused of carrying out extrajudicial killings

In January 2022, our team used satellite images, amateur videos (which we analysed and geolocated) and eyewitness accounts to investigate the murder of several civilians in Nia Ouro, a village in central Mali.

“We found the four bodies: they had their hands tied behind their backs and a bullet in their heads,” said one of our Observers, who accused the Malian Army of carrying out the killings.

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2. Russian cluster bombs hit civilian zones in Kharkiv, Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, the Russian army launched its invasion of Ukraine. Throughout 2022, the journalists who make up the France 24 Observers team identified and verified hundreds of photos and videos of the war that were shared on social media. These images enabled us to follow the evolution of the conflict day by day. In March, we investigated how Russians had targeted civilian zones in Kharkiv with their cluster bombs.

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