The story behind the Blue Jays' biggest bromance

It can be a long, difficult road to the pinnacle of a sport. Through the highs and lows of striving to play professionally, it always helps to have somebody you trust by your side.

Blue Jays pitcher Ryan Borucki and catcher Danny Jansen have created quite the bond while developing in the squad’s farm system over the past few years.

In the most recent episode of Digging In with J.P. Arencibia, Borucki explains how the two became friends and the importance of their strong relationship.

Blue Jays rookies Ryan Borucki and Danny Jansen have formed a bond that goes beyond baseball.

The connection between a pitcher and catcher is a vital one in baseball. Knowing that two of the most exciting prospects in Toronto’s farm system get along well off the field has to be encouraging for Jays fans.

This relationship will definitely be tested as Toronto attempts to rebuild over the next few seasons.

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