Stranded Dolphins 'Doing Great' After Rescue in Cape Cod

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) said on May 22 that satellite tracking showed seven dolphins rescued after getting beached at low tide in Cape Cod were “doing great” after their release back to sea.

Dozens of people, including IFAW staff, trained volunteers, and AmeriCorps members, stepped in to help the seven Atlantic white-sided dolphins in Wellfleet on May 18, the IFAW said.

Footage released by the organization shows the dolphins wrapped in cooling blankets, and being transported across a beach.

After the rescue operation, the dolphins were released in three rounds back to deep waters off Provincetown, according to the IFAW.

“Our team faced the increased difficulty of rising waters, but we know from experience that it’s not an option to leave the dolphins in this area, because they often get caught in a repetitive cycle of tides and restrand,” said animal rescue officer Misty Niemeyer.

The IFAW said the dolphins were most likely sub-adult males, which travel separately from females and calves. Credit: Andrea Spence/IFAW via Storyful

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