Strange-looking baby birds found in passion fruit orchard in China

Six strange-looking baby birds were found in a passion fruit orchard in Matang Town, Yunnan province, southern China. A man named Mr. Xia, who leads a passion fruit plantation, was picking the fruits when he suddenly heard a sharp cry coming from the grass. He walked there and found them. The video shows the six furry strange-looking in a bush. Their eyes are bright, their face looks strange and they have black eagle claws. Xia discovered that the birds were baby barn owls, also named Tytos, a nationally protected animal in China. He said that the staff will avoid disturbing the birds while picking fruits in the future. Xia also mentioned that he will continue to check whether the mom bird will keep feeding her babies regularly so that they can grow healthily. Tyto, also known as a barn owl, is a medium-sized bird, mainly living in open fields, low mountains, hills, and farmland. It mainly feeds on mice and rabbits and is a famous rat catcher. It occasionally hunts small and medium-sized birds, frogs, fish, and large insects. The video was filmed on November 22 and published with Mr.Xia's permission.