'A stranger kept mowing my lawn - I thought he was being kind but then realised cheeky reason'

Mowing the grass
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A man was left baffled after spotting a stranger mowing the grass outside his house, initially believing it to be a kind gesture - until he discovered the truth. The man first noticed the stranger parking outside his home daily over two months ago, assuming he was working on a "nearby construction site" and didn't question his parking habits.

However, things took an "odd turn" when he saw the man mowing a section of "public grass" outside his home.

While this might seem like a neighbourly act to keep the area tidy, there was a catch for the homeowner. The stranger had trespassed onto his property and used his outdoor electrical outlet to power his lawnmower - inevitably increasing his energy bill.

Sharing his experience on Reddit, the man wrote: "I noticed this man using my house's electrical outlet to power a lawnmower. He was mowing the grass in the public area in front of our community."

"When I approached him to inquire about his actions, he claimed he was 'doing us a favour' because no one else was maintaining the area. He then became aggressive, cursing and accusing me of trying to make him leave, even though I was simply trying to understand his motivations."

Residents in the neighbourhood have been left utterly baffled after a mystery man's bizarre antics escalated from mowing lawns uninvited to cursing at homeowners and now aimlessly wandering around public spaces. The original poster, still processing these puzzling events, shared: "I'm at a loss on how to handle this situation."

Online commenters rallied to provide advice, strongly suggesting a locking cover for external power outlets to prevent any future incidents. Individuals weighed in with their two cents, one proposing: "Figure out which one of your circuit breakers controls that outlet and cut the power if he tries to do it again," and another echoed the prevention strategy advising: "Get a locking cover for your outlets."