Stranger Things: This new character took inspiration from an iconic Game of Thrones character

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Stranger Things: This new character took inspiration from an iconic Game of Thrones character

It has been revealed that one of the new characters from Stranger Things season four took inspiration from an iconic character on Game of Thrones.

Part one of the latest season of the Netflix hit series sees the show’s starring group of friends split between California and Indiana. As the midwest crew battles Vecna, a new monster from the Upside Down, the West Coast group is in search of Eleven.

In a new interview with Digital Spy, makeup designer Barrie Gower – who worked on both Stranger Things and Game of Thrones – discussed which villainous character from the HBO fantasy show he took direction from when creating Vecna.

“We were approached by [creators] Matt and Ross Duffer, and one of the producers, Iain Paterson,” Gower explained. “They were fans of our work from Game of Thrones, and the character we did, the Night King.”

Fans will remember that the Night King was the supreme leader of the White Walkers and the master of the Wights. He acted as the main villain in seasons four through eight.

“And they were also fans of recent work we’d done for Chernobyl for HBO as well, with all the radiation-burn victims,” added Gower.

“For season four, they were after an iconic villain, and I think they almost wanted a mix of those two approaches,” Gower continued.

Night King and Vecna (HBO and Netflix)
Night King and Vecna (HBO and Netflix)

“I think they were basically after their own Night King for Stranger Things.”

For more information regarding Vecna’s character and his true identity, read here.

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Stranger Things season four part two will be released on Netflix on 1 July.

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