Stranger Things fans think they’ve spotted a ‘glaring’ plot hole in latest season

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Stranger Things fans think they’ve spotted a ‘glaring’ plot hole in latest season

Stranger Things fans have claimed to have spotted a “plot hole” in the latest series of the hit Netflix sci-fi.

The show returned to screens last week following a hiatus of nearly three years, and has received strong reviews from critics, including The Independent’s Amanda Whiting.

Nonetheless, a few plot points have left viewers scratching their heads, with one in particular prompting some bemused reactions on social media.

As fans of the show will likely remember, the character of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) arrived back in series one and was initially barely able to communicate.

She had to be taught how to speak by the other kids, eventually becoming more fluent over the course of the show.

However, Stranger Things 4 delves into some of Eleven’s memories from back at her time in the Hawkins lab.

Fans think they’ve noticed a discrepency between the character’s speech in the flashbacks, and how it was presented at the start of the series.

One viewer wrote: “Stranger Things plot hole: Eleven couldn’t talk when she initially escaped & met Mike & the gang. Why in season 4 is she able to speak full sentences in the flashbacks?”

“The only plot hole in eleven’s memories is that she speaks too well girl could barely say ‘no’ when we first met her,” another wrote.

“The most glaring plot hole in this season of Stranger Things is if I remember correctly El had to be taught to speak when she escaped in season 1 but now in these flashbacks she’s talking just [fine],” someone else observed.

“I haven’t watched season 1 in a loong time but Did eleven like forget how to talk when she escaped the lab cuz In her memories, she spoke fluently and I thought that was odd,” another fan wrote. “Cuz from what I remember, she was sort of a mute in season 1 that slowly learned how to speak.”

While it’s not known whether or not this was indeed a slip-up by the show’s writers, one fan suggested that the trauma Eleven experienced at the lab could have caused her speech to regress.

Stranger Things can be streamed now on Netflix.

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