'Stranger Things' season 4: Everything we know about the final two episodes

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Stranger Things is getting set to stream the season four finale. (Netflix)
Stranger Things is getting set to stream the season four finale. (Netflix)

It's been the most terrifying season of Stranger Things yet, and now fans of the Netflix sci-fi series can finally find out how season four ends.

The latest series has been split into two parts, with part one leaving Eleven back in the lab as she struggled to try to regain her super powers and made the shocking discovery that former mentor Henry was actually Vecna, becoming the monster after she tried to put a stop to his killing spree as a child.

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Her Hawkins friends are still in the thick of their battle with Vecna, while Joyce, Hopper and Murray have no idea what has befallen the children as they desperately try to escape Siberia.

There's also the matter of the armed invaders at the Byers household, Hellfire Club leader Eddie's race to clear his name, and the basketball team having it in for various key characters.

The final two episodes dropped on Netflix on 1 July, but if you're still waiting to watch them, here's everything we're looking forward to finding out.

When will the final two episodes of Stranger Things season 4 be released?

Dustin and Steve sense danger ahead. (Netflix)
Dustin and Steve sense danger ahead. (Netflix)

The first seven episodes of season four streamed on Netflix after all being made available on 27 May, 2022.

There was a break in the series before the last two episodes, eight and nine, dropped bringing high drama and an explosive end to the series, and allowing creators The Duffer Brothers to guard against spoilers as much as possible.

Episodes eight and nine, titled Papa and The Piggyback, are due to drop on Netflix on Friday, 1 July.

Is there a trailer for Stranger Things season 4 part 2?

Netflix recently released a trailer for the final two episodes of the season, giving a taste of what's to come for the gang.

It is full of sinister threats in a voiceover from Vecna, as he tells Eleven: "Your friends are not prepared for this fight. Hawkins will fall."

He also adds: "Your friends have lost."

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One scene shows Eleven standing in the doorway of Henry and his father Victor's old house where he killed his mother and sister, letting his father take the blame.

Joyce, Hopper and Murray are also seen battling to get away from Siberia, the Russian prison and the Upside Down monster they are keeping there.

Will Eleven regain her super powers?

Stranger Things Eleven and Papa
Eleven has been trying to regain her powers with the help of Papa. (Netflix)

It seems very likely that Eleven's powers will be back to full strength in the last two episodes.

The scene from the trailer that shows her at Henry's old house sees her holding one hand out in her usual power pose with a trickle of blood running from her nose.

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays her, has also talked about enjoying the difference of her character having to live without her powers in the first seven episodes, strongly suggesting they'll be fully recovered by eight and nine.

Does anyone die at the end of season 4?

Eddie is in mortal danger in both the real world and Vecna's. (Netflix)
Eddie is in mortal danger in both the real world and Vecna's. (Netflix)

In short, yes.

The Duffer Brothers were asked by Variety whether there would be a "body count" at the end of season four and replied "for sure", although they wouldn't be drawn on how many characters would be killed off.

Ross Duffer said: "I don’t really want to say, but I would be concerned about the characters going into Volume 2, for sure."

Joseph Quinn, who plays The Hellfire Club's leader Eddie Munson, has also described the finale as "carnage", while Noah Schnapp who plays Will told Jimmy Fallon "we've got some deaths coming".

Which of the characters will Vecna target?

Vecna's terrifying world is looking for new prisoners. (Netflix)
Vecna's terrifying world is looking for new prisoners. (Netflix)

So far, Vecna has been determined to trap Max in his web of troubled Hawkins teens, a fate she's avoided with the help of her favourite Kate Bush songs.

The part two trailer shows her battling Vecna's world once more, but she isn't the only one - Nancy was also trapped in the alternate reality by the end of part one, when she and the rest of the gang tried to escape back into the real world after investigating the creepy goings on.

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It appears from the trailer that Nancy does get out, but first look images have also shown Lucas and Dustin screaming in horror, and Eddie playing his guitar in an apparent bid to save either himself or his friends by the power of music.

Of course, Eleven is directly in the firing line as both Henry's mortal enemy from the moment that he became Vecna, and as the saviour of Hawkins.

How long is the season 4 finale for Stranger Things?

Will Max escape Vecna's clutches? (Netflix)
Will Max escape Vecna's clutches? (Netflix)

Fans might have noticed they're getting more Stranger Things per episode than ever before in season four, which has featured some lengthy instalments.

However, the finale is something else - it'll run for two hours and 19 minutes, putting it into the territory of a particularly long film.

Matt Duffer explained to Variety: "If you look at one of the episodes — like, you couldn’t cut it out 15 minutes early."

Ross Duffer added: "Reel one is build-up dread. Reel two is action, chaos. And then, reel three is our traditional coda, come down after all of that. You didn’t really want to break it after just the build-up. It wouldn’t feel like a satisfying episode. So, at a certain point we just said, ‘Well, it’s just a mega episode.’ If someone wants to pause it, they can!"

The full season four of Stranger Things is now streaming on Netflix.

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