Stranger Things unveils season 5 premiere title and fans are convinced it proves Eddie’s alive

Stranger Things has revealed the title of its season five premiere and fans are certain it points to good news for Eddie Munson.

During the sci-fi’s nail-biting season four finale, Eddie (Joseph Quinn) is last seen in the Upside Down mortally wounded by Demobats.

However, Netflix has some fans convinced that Eddie will make a recovery after revealing that season five’s first episode would be named “The Crawl”.

On Twitter, one person pointed out, “Crawling huh...”, noting its connection to Eddie’s heroic season four rendition of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”, which includes the lyrics: “Come crawling faster.”

Meanwhile, in an earlier episode, Eddie informs his friends: “I am army-crawling my way toward a D in Ms O’Donnell’s.”

“THIS CANT BE A COINCIDENCE,” a second responded, while a third agreed: “This HAS to have something to do with Eddie I legit can’t think of anything else.”

“Thank you for confirming that Eddie is alive,” someone commented.

“This episode can either be about Eddie or Vecna,” another reasoned. “Vecna crawls away from the Creel house after being shot out of it, but then there's the song that Eddie plays, and one of the lyrics could hint at him crawling out of The Upside Down somehow, or crawling to safety.”

While creators Ross and Matt Duffer have remained tight-lipped about the final season of Stranger Things, they did say they would be abandoning the series tradition of shifting focus to new characters.

Their revelation comes shortly after some Stranger Things stars have been making one request of the forthcoming fifth season following some complaints over the latest batch of episodes.

Stranger Things season five is expected to release on Netflix in 2024 or later.