'Stranger unleashed savage six-word remark at me – and he won't apologise'

Man talking on mobile phone, while woman arguing with him. Couple travel together
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We all make mistakes - and in the grand scheme of things, the little things we do wrong day-to-day don't really make much difference to our lives.

But one woman was left reeling after a man she encountered while out walking decided to share his very loud opinion of her.

She explained she "was walking back from the shops this morning" and she "swerved to avoid a puddle on one side", but there was "another walker approaching" her on the other side.

Taking to Mumsnet, she explained that while she was doing this, she was pretty much "neck and neck" with a man who "told her off" because she had to walk in front of him.

The woman "apologised", saying she "hadn't meant to but wanted to avoid the puddle and the other guy". His response horrified her - first, he said: "Avoid me!"

But his next six words left her reeling for the rest of the day. He said: "Get out of my f**king way" to the woman, and she wrote in her post: "I know this is a tiny thing in the grand scheme of things but it upset me. I've never ever had this. It was like road rage, but between walkers."

She continued: "I understand I shouldn't have been in his way and walked in front of him and changed direction, but I explained why I did it and I didn't deserve for him to speak to me so rudely. I said to him that he'd been very rude and he just strode off without saying anything.

"Obviously, he thinks he's completely in the right, and maybe he's also having a bad day, but it gives him no right at all to speak to me like that."

Many users were quick to reassure the woman, stating that even if she had made a mistake, it didn't justify his aggressive reaction. "I mean you could have simply waited until he had passed to avoid the puddle rather than veering in front of him but absolutely no need for such aggression - especially after you had apologised. I'd have told him to f*** off", one wrote.

Another added: "He's a p***k. His reaction had nothing to do with you and everything to do with him. Most people would have laughed that off. Sorry that happened to you. Just think how much it sucks to be him going around angry like that all the time! Your day has to get better now, try not to dwell on it, accept the feelings and move on."

However, one user defended the man, saying: "Poor guy said the quiet part loud, I've been there but thankfully without the swearing. It's really annoying when someone gets in your way."