Strangers Use Inflatable Pool Toys to Rescue Dog From Overgrown Lake

Strangers in Northern Territory banded together to rescue a struggling dog from a weed-filled lake in what has been described as a “very Aussie rescue”.

Footage, captured by Laura Julian, shows her husband Chris and Daniel Jipp saving border collie Jaxon from the overgrown lake in Durack using an inflatable thong and croc.

Julian told Storyful that they saw the dog run into the lake, and that Chris tried three times to get him out, but the “weeds were too thick and deep”.

“Chris told his brother to go and get a lilo from our house and he came back with the croc and thong,” she said. “Daniel saw what was going on and came to help rescue the dog.”

She added that Jaxon was then reunited with his owners. Credit: Laura Julian via Storyful

Video transcript

- And he's doing, I mean, he just--

- Oh, he's getting closer.

- I reckon. Poor thing.

He had to put up a [INAUDIBLE].

- Oh, he's got it.

- One lucky dog.

- Lucky dog.

- Yeah.

- Oh.

- Must be exhausted.

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