The strangest items left in hotel rooms, travel company reveals

hotel room, housekeeping
hotel room, housekeeping

They checked out without these prized and peculiar possessions.

A travel company revealed the top 10 strangest things left in hotel rooms in the past year and the objects travelers have forgotten are quite unusual.

EasyJet Holidays, a company that offers vacation packages to more than 100 destinations across Europe, surveyed 100 of the hotels in its network, and shared its findings.

Dentures topped the list at No. 1. Witchcraft paraphernalia came in second and prosthetic limbs third.

The rest of the list included, in order of ranking, a glass eye, grandma’s “lucky” tea cup, thousands of German Mark coins stashed behind a toilet’s water tank, a clown costume, an inflatable boat, caviar and rosary beads.

“Holidays are a time for total relaxation, and we love knowing that our customers make themselves comfortable in our resorts,” Matt Callaghan, EasyJet Holidays’ chief operating officer, said in the release.

“Our research with our hotel partners has been interesting and some of the lost and found items are unusual, but we’re pleased to see that our customers have been enjoying themselves.”