‘Stratospherically’ popular Queen ‘more realistic’ in message – experts

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The Queen’s message marking the end of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations acknowledges her “frailty” and is “more realistic”, a royal expert has said.

The monarch, 96, pledged to continue to serve “to the best of my ability, supported by my family”.

She said that while she may not have attended every event in person “my heart has been with you all”.

Platinum Jubilee
The royal family on the balcony (Chris Jackson/PA)

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine, said the weekend has been “a huge success”, demonstrated by the crowds that gathered for each event.

He told the PA news agency: “Although the Queen was less visible than in previous jubilees, her balcony appearances at either end of the celebrations meant a great deal to so many people.

“Her message this evening is interesting in that it clearly points to her current frailty and the fact that members of her family will undertake tasks on her behalf on a permanent basis.

“A more realistic message than we have seen in the past.”

Platinum Jubilee
The Queen on the balcony on Thursday (Alastair Grant/PA)

The Queen appeared in person for just over 27 minutes throughout the weekend.

Former BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt said: “At the end of yet another successful jubilee, the level of public affection and admiration for the Queen is stratospherically high.

“A woman who has devoted her life to service is now acknowledging the limitations of advancing age.

“She will reign remotely while Charles and William do the heavy lifting. The long goodbye is under way.”

Royal historian Hugo Vickers said: “Anyone who saw the celebrations either in person or on television, either in London or in other parts of the country, will be left in no doubt of the high affection and respect in which the Queen is held.

“The celebrations were fantastic and even the weather held out. The crowds thronged The Mall as they did ten years ago. Aerial shots looked like human caviar.

“It was good that the Queen reaffirmed her intention to continue to serve. We know she cannot do all that she used to – but she is there behind the scenes and we see her regularly on Zoom.”

Mr Vickers said he did not think there was a shift in language, adding: “She is as straightforward as ever.”

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