Strava’s new summit membership explained

Katie Strick

Every athlete has a goal, but while yours might be training for your first marathon, others might be returning from injury or competing in their first open-water swimming race.

Fitness app Strava’s new Summit membership is designed to account for this. The update offers three new packs of features, each focused on a goal, whether it’s improving your training, going deep into your workout data, or keeping you safe while you’re running off road. The service launched this month — pick your pack and you’ll receive personalised assistance, tools and discounts according to your goal.

The devil is in the detail. Summit’s Training Pack is suitable for all activities and levels, whether you’re preparing for a race or focused on toning up. Features include training plans, real-time GPS tracking for your smartphone, race analysis, filtered leader boards and custom goals by time, distance, power or segment so you can stay motivated.

Meanwhile, the Analysis Pack digs down deeper into the stats and helps you get the most out of connected devices such as Apple Watches. Detailed insights include workout analysis to visualise pace zones and lap data for workouts. It also has with live segments to compete against your PB or others in real time, as well as power analysis.

For off-roaders, the Safety Pack is all about staying safe while out exploring. It comes with personal heat maps and a special Beacon feature that lets you select contacts who can track where you are in real time on a map, whether you’re late for a training run or have a flat tyre on the side of the road. Individual packs cost £18.99, or you can save money and bulk up on all three: it’s £47.99 for the whole lot.

Scale your summit.