Strawberry Grower Shines Light on Waste 'Crisis' Amid Demand for Larger Berries

A strawberry grower based in Wamuran, Queensland, has posted an emotional video to Facebook, showing the quantities of fruit she is forced to discard because it doesn’t meet retailers’ demand for large berries.

Mandy Schultz of LuvaBerry strawberry farm took footage as she walked through her firm’s packing shed, showing boxes and boxes of “great quality fruit” which were to be thrown away due to their size.

The ABC reported a spike in winter temperatures brought strawberry fields into peak production in mid-August, resulting in a huge price drop by major retailer Coles to only $1 per 250g punnet.

Schultz said the pressure was on for growers, with the cost of production now surpassing the payments received from retailers for the fruit.

She said that, beyond the fact they were no longer making a profit, the waste had hit “crisis” levels and it was “devastating” to see such enormous quantities of good food thrown away when people elsewhere were starving. “It just makes you scratch your head,” she said. Credit: LuvaBerry via Storyful

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