Straws for elephants: Clever jumbos use tube-well to quench their thirst even during dry spells in Sri Lanka

These clever elephants show that it's not just humans that use straws when they need a drink. The pair worked out that a tube-well works beautifully as a pipe through which to drink water, as long as their trunk can fit inside. The scene was filmed on Tuesday 31 May, just off the Habarana-Trincomalee main road. The tube-well was put there for the army to use during the country's long-running civil war. Since then some of those wells have broken so the tube remains but without the top of the well. Since the water is close to the top of the tube in this case, the elephants were able to drink from it. That they ever worked out that this might work is credit to elephants' obvious intelligence. It is now common for elephants in the region to use such wells to slake their thirst even during dry periods when other sources of water run low.

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