Stray dog rescued after spending five days with her head stuck in a plastic tub

A clumsy stray dog needed to be released after trying to steal food from a plastic tub and getting it stuck on her head for five days.

The female pooch was seen wandering aimlessly around homes in Pathum Thani, Thailand last Wednesday (Jan 1) afternoon.

She had a plastic tub - the kind used in office drinks dispensers - stuck around her head.

Concerned resident Uchen Singror, 45, gathered neighbours to help free the poor dog which was frightened and kept running away.

He contacted the rescue team after five days had passed and the dog's head was still stuck in the same plastic bottle.

The rescue team came to the neighbourhood but the dog ran away as soon as she saw them.

They had to throw a fishing net to capture the pooch before they could cut it free from the bottle on Sunday (Jan 5) afternoon.

Uchen said: "I believe she tried to get water or food from inside the plastic container but her head was too big so she was stuck. My neighbour and I tried to help the dog but she always ran away from us.

"We let her go because we thought that perhaps she would eventually free herself but after five days she was still stuck. She was not looking well so I contacted the rescue team."