Street food: Watch these delicious Thai grilled bananas covered in syrup being made

Mouthwatering footage shows fresh bananas being grilled and covered with sweet syrup before they are served to customers at a street food stall in Bangkok, Thailand. The popular Thai street food dish can be bought from roadsides around the capital for as little as 10 Baht. Cooks grill the bananas, a variety known as Kluay Ping, on a grill to enhance the fruit’s sweetness. They are then bashed with a wooden stick and served with a specially made syrup made from cane sugar or coconut milk mixed with oil and butter. Thai snack is often made from the Kluay Nam Wa banana and is put over the grill. The roasted fruit can then be covered with the sauce and heated more, or served in a plastic bag with the sauce applied after. Some customers even eat freshly grilled bananas without any sauce.

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