New street art depicting childlike Kim Jong-un playing with missile and globe appears in north London

Tom Powell

A new piece of street art depicting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a child playing with a globe and a missile has appeared in a north London street.

Anonymous artist Pegasus painted the image on the outside wall of a hair salon in Islington to reflect the “ongoing tension between America and North Korea which could lead to a disastrous war”.

It shows a youthful Kim Jong-un, wearing shorts and t-shirt, sprawled on the floor with a large missile and a comparatively small globe in his hands.

Placed in front of the two-foot painting are toy soldiers pointing guns at each other and building blocks which spell “Domun-ation” – a play on the controversial leader’s name.

The work took the anonymous artist just over two hours to complete (Pegasus)

Pegasus, whose previous work includes Theresa May 'spanking' Donald Trump in Shoreditch, said his latest piece took just over two hours to paint.

He told the Standard: “This shows an infantile leader who in my mind throws all of his toys out of his pram in retaliation to crazy things that Donald Trump has said.

“So you have got two infantile leaders who are just ridiculous and in the end they are going to start a war which we will all be victims of.”

He added: “I’m pleased with the way it’s turned out. I thought it was going to go down really badly but it’s actually gone down quite well.

The two-foot artwork appeared on the side of a salon in north London (Pegasus)

“All of my stuff is very flat but with this piece I wanted to do more of an installation.”

The artist’s next project will see him head to New York in two weeks’ time for another Trump-themed piece of art. “He’s given me lots of ammunition,” joked Pegasus.

In November, Pegasus spent three days designing a piece of art paying tribute to Prince Harry and his new girlfriend Meghan Markle.

The artist, who was born in the US but now lives in north London, depicted Miss Markle wearing an American flag-patterned dress and a princess tiara as she stands between two Queen’s Guards.