The most stressed city in the UK isn’t where you might think

Workplace stress is a huge factor among UK workers (Picture: Rex)

The city with the most stressed workers in the UK has been revealed – and it isn’t London.

In fact, England’s capital is only the third most work-stressed city in Britain, according to a survey.

The most stressed city in the UK is Cardiff, according to the poll by Perkbox.

It found that 70% of workers in the Welsh capital reported high levels of office anxiety.

Cardiff has the most stressed workers, the survey said (Picture: Rex)

Second place went to Wolverhampton, where 64% of staff are suffering with stress.

London was next with 59%, followed by Coventry (57%) and Liverpool (55%).


Saurav Chopra, chief executive and co-founder of Perkbox, said Cardiff was top of the list because people who work there commute long distances, which adds to their anxiety.

“Long commutes affect employees’ productivity and have a negative impact on mental wellbeing,” he said.

“The ‘time scarcity’ they create can bring about an unhealthy behaviour across employees as they try juggling multiple commitments at once.

“Allowing employees the flexibility to avoid the rush-hour or be able to fit their routine around their other needs can help reduce this stress and promote a healthier lifestyle.”

The survey of 3,000 workers found that people working in the finance industry were most likely to be stressed, followed by those who work in government and in the health sector.

The most common cause of work stress was long working hours, according to the survey.

Long hours are the most common cause of work stress (Picture: Rex)

Other factors included office politics and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Higher earners – those on annual salaries of more than £40,000 – are more likely to suffer workplace stress.

One in ten workers said they had lost weight as a result of work stress.

The most work-stressed cities in Britain:

1. Cardiff – 70pc
2. Wolverhampton – 64pc
3. London – 59pc
4. Coventry – 57pc
5. Liverpool – 55pc
6. Oxford – 55pc
7. Leicester – 53pc
8. Brighton and Hove – 51pc
9. Southampton – 51pc
10. Edinburgh – 50pc