Stretch Out Ham Salad By Adding Hard-Boiled Eggs

Ham salad in croissant sandwich
Ham salad in croissant sandwich - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Ham salad is the sweet and salty relative of protein-forward favorites like chicken salad or tuna salad. Making ham salad is as simple as coating ham in a creamy dressing and mixing in any number of extras to amp up the flavor and texture. These additions can also work to bulk up the ham salad if you're working with less canned ham or leftovers than usual. That said, when the craving for ham salad is too strong to deny, but needs a helping hand, easily add some heft with buttery hard-boiled eggs.

Whether they're joined together on a breakfast plate or in a salad bowl, ham and eggs are an iconic pairing whose flavors complement one another so well. Both ham and eggs (but specifically the yolks) share a decadent and savory quality. Yet, thanks to the sweet undertones of the meat, there's also a pleasant contrast against all that umami, which makes the duo all the tastier.

Beyond the sheer deliciousness they provide, eggs also prove to be the perfect way to stretch ham salad because they're quite filling and pack a lot of protein. Eggs also help you stick to a budget, since they're relatively inexpensive. Not to mention that because they're a staple ingredient, eggs make for an easy addition that won't require another trip to the grocery store.

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Making The Best Ham Salad Is Easy With Eggs (And A Few Other Extras)

ham salad with boiled egg
ham salad with boiled egg - Maryna Iaroshenko/Getty Images

Ham salad can be made in several different ways. Traditionally, the ham is often left in larger chunks. To suit the ham, you might want to consider chopping the hard-boiled eggs into larger pieces, like slices or wedges for better consistency. If you're working with flaked or finely chopped ham, then it might be wise to chop the eggs into smaller bits. Just note that the latter will give you a smoother result that's often referred to as deviled ham, rather than ham salad.

As for what else you could add to bulk up an eggy ham salad, remember that the more ingredients, the merrier. Although herbs, spices, and sauces will contribute complexity, the real goal is to give the salad some weight, which is why chopped celery, bell peppers, water chestnuts, and onions are all good starting points. However, ingredients like buttery avocado, hearty beans, or decadent cheese can give ham salad an especially satisfying edge.

After everything has been chopped and mixed together, the last way to extend ham salad is to change up how it's served. Use it to top crackers, layer it onto a sandwich, or add a scoop to a lettuce wrap. Regardless of what you decide, you'll be amazed at just how far the stretched-out salad will go!

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