'Strictly': Charles and Karen dodge question about Seann and Katya's kiss

Strictly Come Dancing pair Charles Venn and Karen Clifton dodged the subject of Katya Jones and Seann Walsh’s kiss on Lorraine today (October 24).

Carol Vorderman, who is currently stepping in for Lorraine Kelly as presenter during half-term asked the pair about ‘kissgate’, but they both remained tight-lipped.

“The fact that we’ve been in the bottom two, that’s all we’ve been focusing on.

“Sometimes it’s really hard to focus on something else that’s going on,” replied Clifton.

Quickly changing the subject, Vorderman then cheekily asked the pair if she could have a sneak preview of their next dance, to which they both obliged.

However, it seems Venn has quite a bit of practising to do before Saturday’s Halloween special, as the actor looked frightfully uncertain of several steps. He even mixed up his left and right at one point, causing Clifton and Vorderman to burst out laughing.

The pair will be dancing a jive to ‘Let’s Do The Time Warp Again’ from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Prior to their quick preview, Vorderman asked Venn who he considers to be his biggest competition on the show, but he didn’t give her the answer she was expecting.

“This is a Hackney saying, but you know, I feel like my biggest competition is myself,” he said.

Insisting that he wasn’t bragging, he added: “Simply because if you put the kind of pressure on yourself to say ‘I have to measure up to that contestant or that contestant’, that is definitely going to affect how I perform. I can’t do that. That’s almost as counterproductive, I feel.

“My whole thing is that we do the best WE can. If our best gets us to the next round, fantastic.”

Charles Venn and Karen Clifton on Lorraine
Charles Venn and Karen Clifton on Lorraine

Speaking about their rigorous training sessions, Venn also revealed that he’s lost quite a bit of weight since joining the show.

After sharing an image of the Strictly pair showing off their toned abs, Vorderman asked they’d be doing additional exercise, but Clifton admitted that it’s purely dancing that’s keeping them fit.

“He’s lost a lot of weight,” she said in reference to Venn, to which he replied: “A whole lot. I was a bit bigger than this before. Definitely. Broader shoulders, pecks, the whole thing.”

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