Strictly Come Dancing 2015: Scott Mills Admits He’s ‘Jealous’ Of This Year’s Contestants - EXCLUSIVE

This last week has been a bit of an emotional whirlwind for Strictly Come Dancing fans, with the first selection of celebrities set to take part in this year’s series of the hit BBC show being announced to the public.

With Jeremy Vine, Kellie Bright, and Ainsley Harriott just some of the names that have been confirmed to get their sparkle on, the Strictly launch day is edging closer, which is an exciting time for all of us who like to use it as a countdown to Christmas.

However, one man who isn’t so excited at the thought of Strictly returning to our screens is alumni contestant Scott Mills, who admitted to us that he was starting to feel a little bit jealous of the newly-announced celebs.

Awh, babes - we totally feel you…. After all, it’s only natural, right?

The Radio 1 DJ was chatting to us as he geared up to attend this year’s exciting V Festival and he exclusively told us: “I have to be honest, I saw Jeremy Vine had signed up and I felt a bit jealous… That’s weird, isn’t it?”

Not at all.

“It’s just such an intense thing,” Scott continued, “And you kind of know what they’re about to go through so you feel a bit, ‘Oh, bless’ for them.

“I just thought, ‘Oh my God, you have no idea’, because you can’t explain it until you do it. You can say it’s really hard, but when you’re in that bubble of Strictly it’s so weird.”

And it isn’t just the dancefloor that Scott has found himself being protective of, with the star going on to admit that he was even jealous that his former professional dance partner, Joanne Clifton, was getting her boogie on without him.

He explained: “I tweeted my dance partner a couple of days ago because they’re putting all these pictures of the dancers rehearsing for their group dances on Twitter and I just said to her that I felt really left out.

“Eventually she’s going to get a new dance partner - it’s not an ego thing, it’s just that I had a great time on and and I have to say that no matter how good or bad you are at it, you’re still in it and you miss it when it’s gone.

“It’s exactly like school - when you’re doing it you can feel quite low about it if it’s not going your way, but afterwards you really realise just how much you miss it.

“I’m still friends with everyone and I still everyone but it will always just be… Weird.”

Well, at least you’ve got the friendship and the memories to look back on, eh?