Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Will Young's Len Goodman clash was 'the final straw'

Last week we were all left stunned when Will Young sensationally quit Strictly Come Dancing, simply citing “personal reasons” for his decision.

Speculation soon began to circulate that Will had decided to leave the competition due to his altercation with head judge Len Goodman on Saturday night, with Len criticising the star’s routine for a lack of traditional Salsa dance moves.

Will was reportedly fuming with Len's criticism.
Will was reportedly fuming with Len’s criticism.

Now a source has confirmed that the incident with Len was the “final straw” for Will, with the singer reportedly being left furious by the critique.

Speaking to The Sun, the insider dished: “His clash with Len seemed to be the final straw for him.

“Afterwards, he was overheard telling a production member: ‘I just don’t need this s**t.’

“Will signed up for Strictly expecting that he’d be really good and find it easy, but he struggled with it much more than he thought he would.

Will quit the BBC show last week.
Will quit the BBC show last week.

“He didn’t commit as much as Karen [Clifton, his professional dance partner] would have liked, and became very anxious about how popular he was.”

It was previously claimed that Will was suffering from huge levels of anxiety, which is why he opted to leave the popular dancing show.

Speaking to The Mirror, a source shared: “Will was suffering from anxiety all of last week and he told friends he wasn’t feeling up to the show, he felt he was under intense scrutiny and wasn’t taking it well.

Will has been a popular contestant on this year's show.
Will has been a popular contestant on this year’s show.

“Will is a deeply private person and has been out of the spotlight for a long time and he doesn’t enjoy being the centre of attention. It all got too much.”

Will has opened up about his battle with mental health in the past, admitting that he has previously suffered with “overwhelming levels of anxiety”.

Will suffered a breakdown in 2012 and spent six months in a residential trauma centre after being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, depersonalisation and derealisation (a loss of recognition and sense of context).

Will suffered a mental breakdown in 2012.
Will suffered a mental breakdown in 2012.

He explained earlier this year: “I was a love addict, I still am an addict, addicted to porn, certainly addicted to alcohol… Drugs I didn’t really get into. I toyed around with it, but it didn’t really stick with me so much.”

Despite his shock departure, Will insisted that he was doing fine, texting into Chris Evans’ Radio 2 Breakfast Show: “Here’s the thing. I’m absolutely dandy, thanks.

“It’s all very undramatic really. I’ve done my statement and others can say what they want to say. I never read what they say anyhow.”

By: Stephanie Soteriou