'Strictly Come Dancing' TOTALLY ignores Seann and Katya kissing scandal

Seann Walsh and Katya Jones on Strictly (Credit: BBC)
Seann Walsh and Katya Jones on Strictly (Credit: BBC)

Good lord, they made us wait for that.

Seann Walsh and Katya Jones, the couple who have been resident in the red tops all week thanks to being caught snogging after a night out at the pub, were the second to last to perform on Strictly this week.

The anticipation was palpable.

Tess and Claudia broached the scandal briefly early on, with a horrible, horrible joke.

“It’s been a quiet week,” said Claudia. “Other than the odd headline,” quipped Tess. It fell flatter than Joe Sugg’s feet in his cha cha cha (Craig’s words, not ours).

But HOW was the Beeb to explain the turbulent, tumultuous week they’ve had? Not at all, it seems.

Nothing to see here.

The week’s training session VT was notably absent of being doorstepped by paparazzi, and the contrite appearance on spin-off show Strictly: It Takes Two that many likened to a hostage video.

(Credit: BBC)
(Credit: BBC)

To recap for those living in a cave (or at least a cave without access to decent fibre broadband), Seann and Katya were snapped kissing after a boozy night out.

This became news for a number of reasons, but key among them was Seann’s five-year relationship with actress Rebecca Humphries – the night of the snog was her BIRTHDAY, just to add insult to injury – and Katya being married to her husband. Neil Jones. Who’s also on Strictly.

The Joneses seemed kind of fine with the whole thing, but Seann found himself unceremoniously dumped.

“It’s been an amazing week,” said Katya during the training montage.

Her husband Neil might not have agreed. He had a face like thunder, and Twitter reacted accordingly.

People also loved the ‘Charleston expert’ drafted in to ‘help them’ out this week.

And though their dance looked pretty clunky to the layman viewer, the judges were remarkably lenient. They even got an eight.

This basically sums things up. Thanks AJ.

And this slip up in the subtitles department was a peach.

What this means for the results show tomorrow, we don’t know yet.

The bookies have Seann and Katya as favourites to be voted off, but as yet that remains to be seen.

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