BBC hits back at reports Strictly’s dancers would quit over Covid jab

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The BBC has blasted the latest reports Strictly Come Dancing’s unvaccinated dancers would rather walk away from the show than get the Covid vaccine.

Former Strictly star James Jordan called for the dancers to be sacked over reports three professionals have refused the Covid jab and one of the celebrity partners has reportedly told pals: “We should have been protected.”

BBC has refused to comment on the Covid vaccination status of the professional dancers but a spokesperson vowed the strict government guidelines remain in place to ensure the safety of the show.

The broadcaster was forced to deny the three dancers have reportedly said they would rather quit Strictly Come Dancing than get the jab.

A Strictly Spokesperson said: “This is simply untrue.”

A source initially told The Sun: “The three dancers have made their positions crystal clear. They’d rather quit than have the jab. There is mounting pressure upon them to be vaccinated but they are refusing to budge.

“Ultimately being vaccinated was not a re- quirement for the dancers on this year’s show. While other television companies have made this policy, it is not at the BBC. Obviously no one could have foreseen the upset it has caused.

“No one can make the dancers have the jab but some people have asked them to reconsider for the sake of the show. At Strictly they treat each other as a big family. They are normally a unified team and when a few of the team aren’t singing off the same hymn sheet it causes issues.”

The Standard has reached out to the BBC representatives for further comment.

The identity of the professional dancers who have reportedly not received the vaccination remains a secret.

A Strictly spokesperson previously told The Standard: “We do not comment on speculation of somebody’s COVID vaccination status.

“Strictly Come Dancing production has, and will, continue to follow strict government guidelines to ensure the safety of all on the show.”

It comes as Mr Jordan, who starred on the show from 2006 to 2013, has slammed the “really selfish” dancers who have apparently opted not to have the coronavirus vaccine.

He told Good Morning Britain: “I would normally protect the professional dancers until the cows come home but on this particular occasion I can’t unfortunately. I definitely believe they don’t deserve their right on the show and the celebrities have every right to refuse to dance with them.”

He added: “I just think it’s a really, really selfish thing to do. And also, what you have to remember, in previous years on Strictly, your immune system gets low, lots of people get sick anyway. This is way before coronavirus...

“I say let’s not have these professional dancers [who haven’t had the jab] on the show.”

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