Strictly's Hamza Yassin explains why he hasn't cut his hair in 17 years

Hamza Yassin is a wildlife cameraman and presenter. (BBC)
Strictly contestant Hamza Yassin has revealed the secret behind his long hair. (BBC)

Strictly Come Dancing's Hamza Yassin revealed he hasn't cut his hair for 17 years as an act of rebellion against his mother.

The 32-year-old wildlife cameraman and CBeebies star has been dazzling on the dancefloor without letting his long dreadlocks, which hang past his knees, get in his way.

He told This Morning about letting them grow so long: "I remember, my mum used to sit me down, me, my brother and my dad, and just give us the number two the whole time. Then I just rebelled one year, I’m like, ‘I’m done’. And that was it!"

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Asked how long it has been since he cut his hair he told Good Morning Britain: "It’s only 17 years old as such."

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But Yassin admitted: "There’s been bits that have [been] trimmed because I was in the Arctic and it dipped in a bit of engine oil so it’ll get snipped off every now and then. My hair is part of me and Jowita’s nice enough to put up with it in training."

The star of Countryfile and Animal Park revealed he and dance partner Jowita Przystal decide during rehearsals whether his hair should be pinned to the back of his shirt or left to flow as he moves around the dancefloor.

He explained: "If the dress is flowing, let my hair flow as well!"

The nature lover has previously revealed he has lost weight since he started training for the dance show.

Jowita Przystal and Hamza Yassin dance the Salsa. (BBC)
Hamza Yassin scored the highest score of the series so far for their Salsa, with 39/40. (BBC)

He said: "I have yes, I have. I’ve lost nearly eight and a half kilos (1.3 stone)

“Nine hours a day we’re trying to train and it’s hard on the body… My knees and legs are hurting.”

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Yassin has been a hit with judges on the BBC dance contest, and in Week Four achieved the highest score of the series when he received 39/40 for his Salsa.