Strictly's Jayde Adams had to be cut out of too-tight body stocking minutes before dancing

Jayde Adams
Jayde Adams had to be cut out of her Strictly body stocking minutes before performing. (BBC)

Strictly Come Dancing contestant Jayde Adams has revealed she had to be cut out of a tight costume minutes before performing on the show, as she was in so much pain.

The 37-year-old comedian says dance partner Karen Hauer noticed she was becoming unwell as they waited beside the dancefloor. Her body stocking was so tight, that when it was cut, it whipped the wardrobe assistant in the face.

Adams explained to the Mirror: "I had to be cut out of it. And then when it fell off it was so tight it flicked around and hit one of the girls in the face.

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“We absolutely killed ourselves laughing. We had 20 minutes to stage time as well. It was ­really funny.”

The incident happened in week two of the BBC dance contest when Adams was about to dance the Tango in a red trouser suit.

Karen Hauer and Jayde Adams dance the Tango on Strictly Come Dancing.
Jayde Adams' body stocking was cut off minutes before she danced the Tango as she was feeling unwell. (BBC)

Adams revealed: "I’m sat there and we’re watching the others and all of a sudden Karen notices I start going funny and she was like, ‘Are you OK?’ I’m in extreme pain. I need to go. So she calls over the floor ­manager. I go backstage.

“Underneath the outfit you’re all tight and when you dance you wear this tight thing and it’s got straps that go around my legs. This week I told the girl putting me in it to go a bit tighter.

“What a mistake, because one of the straps started twisting and whilst it was twisting it took with it everything down there!”

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The comic and Adele impersonator previously spoke out in response to trolls who had criticised her taking part in the show.

Adams wrote in a message on Instagram: "Them: She shouldn't be on Strictly because she's fat.

"Me: If I stay on Strictly, I'll get less fat."

She went on: "If there was something that wrong with me, I wouldn’t be able to dance six hours every day and lift Karen.

"Because of how stupid this logic is, I suspect their issues aren’t to do with me at all. But women always get it in the neck don’t they.

British comedian Jayde Adams performs on stage during the Pleasance press launch at Pleasance Courtyard during the annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival on August 5, 2017 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  (Photo by Roberto Ricciuti/Getty Images)
Jayde Adams has said taking part in Strictly is her dream. (Getty Images)

"I’m not ignoring it, I’m addressing it. The more I show resilience to it, the more other people will be able to and that’s useful I think."

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In the latest round Adams and Hauer scored 31/40 for their American Smooth to Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Middler, which the comedian dedicated to her late sister.