Strictly training developed muscles I didn’t even know existed – Sara Davies

Sara Davies said she has developed muscles in places she “didn’t even know muscles existed” after weeks of Strictly Come Dancing training, but admitted this was her hardest week of rehearsals so far.

The Dragon’s Den star will dance the intense Argentine tango to No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) by Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand on the show this Saturday.

However, her professional dance partner Aljaz Skorjanec praised the entrepreneur’s business-focused mentality in rehearsals and revealed she has them training every day from 6am.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Davies said: “Honestly, I have muscles in places I didn’t even know muscles existed.

“You know what’s really weird is every week it’s a different dance, it seems to be a different set of muscles.

“You think dancing is dancing but an Argentine Tango is a world away from a quickstep.

“But at least the muscles that were aching last week get a bit of respite this week and I’m hoping these legs get a bit of a rest next week.”

She admitted that she thought the training would get “a little bit easier” over time but revealed this has not been the case, adding: “This week has been, without a shadow of a doubt, the hardest.

“We’re doing the Argentine tango so it’s just been an absolute… it’s all the work on your legs.

“You know when you go to the gym and you do a legs day, you do some lunges, and then you can’t walk up the stairs or sit on the loo for the next two or three days? It’s like that but every day for eight hours a day.”

Strictly Come Dancing 2021
Davies and Skorjanec will perform an Argentine tango on Saturday (Kieron McCarron/BBC/PA)

Davies, 37, also recalled when she was first announced as a contestant for Strictly on Good Morning Britain and she told the show’s co-host Kate Garraway that she hoped to just make it through the first couple of weeks.

She added: “Kate, I remember saying to you at the time, ‘Yes, let’s just get through the first week or two, and if I ever made it to halfway it would be an absolute miracle’, and halfway was last weekend.”

Her professional partner Skorjanec was less surprised at Davies’ achievement as reflected on how she brings her business toughness to the dancefloor, adding: “I can just confirm that from rehearsals onwards, the amount of focus that Sara has is incredible, and that for sure comes from business.

“I mean every single dance, every single minute. We start at 6am every single day to rehearse and I get to the training room and Sara is ready to go at 6.01 am. ”

Strictly Come Dancing 2021
Skorjanec has moved to the North East to making training easier on his partner (Guy Levy/BBC)

The businesswoman joked that she has turned him into a morning person but said she needs to work from early morning as that is when her “brain is firing a lot better”.

Their regimented training schedule allows her to also work on her business for five to six hours a day and also spend time with her children.

Skorjanec has also moved to the North East so she can be closer to Davies and her family to make training easier, and he said he now feels like “part of the family” and helps on the school run and looks after her children when she is in meetings.