'Strictly's AJ Pritchard says he doesn't want to 'label his sexuality'

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AJ Pritchard (Credit: BBC)
AJ Pritchard (Credit: BBC)

Strictly Come Dancing pro-dancer AJ Pritchard has said that he does not wish to ‘label’ his sexuality.

Pritchard made the comments in an interview with the Gay Times.

“You never know how times will change in where you are in your life. But it is always about being happy and being true to yourself,” he said.

“Like always following your heart – obviously listen to your brain – but really just at that time in your life.

“It is mad that everything always has to have a label, whether it be the clothes by designers or whether you are in a relationship.

“Everybody always wants to have that label when it is not always necessary. At that time of your life, whatever you are, or wherever you are, things always change. You can’t ever say never, because you don’t know what is around the corner.

“As long as you’re happy, that is the main thing. It’s something people forget way too often these days – getting so stressed thinking about what other people’s opinions are or what they need to do tomorrow.”

AJ also spoke about the matter of same-sex dance routines on the BBC dance show.

He performed a ‘paso-tango’ last series with fellow pro Gorka Marquez, the series’ first ever same-sex dance.

AJ and Gorka on Strictly (Credit: BBC)
AJ and Gorka on Strictly (Credit: BBC)

“It was great – why wouldn’t it be great? Why would people even think that it wouldn’t be good in the first place? There was not even one negative thought from the pros, from the audience, from everybody that was in production,” he said.

“I don’t think we could have anticipated the reaction that it got on the show because it was overwhelming.

“I think for the professionals as well, speaking on our terms it was one of the most powerful numbers. The music was so strong, and the fact that you have the males dancing together and the females dancing together, it was really one of those dances where you could express yourself even more.”

As for when a same-sex couple might compete in the show, he added: “I know that everyone always asks when do you think it will happen, the same-sex couple on Strictly? And to be honest I don’t know when it will happen.

“I think when it does happen, it will happen for the right reason and I think it will be represented great because Strictly always do that through the BBC. I think that it will be embraced, that is for sure.”

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