Strictly's Dianne Buswell opens up on eating disorder that could have caused a heart attack in 'Freeze the Fear'

Dianne Buswell in an icy lake in Freeze the Fear. (Hungry Bear Media)
Dianne Buswell has spoken about her eating disorder in Freeze the Fear. (Hungry Bear Media)

Strictly Come Dancing star Dianne Buswell has told how she was so affected by an eating disorder that it left her in danger of having a heart attack.

The professional dancer who competes in BBC One's Strictly makes the startling admission in tonight's episode of Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof as the group talk about food.

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Celebrities taking part in the show learn to push mental and physical boundaries through cold water therapy under the guidance of Hof and the series has seen many of them open up on personal issues.

Talking about working as a dancer on a cruise ship early in her career, Australian-born Buswell says she was weighed weekly and given warnings if she got too heavy, revealing she felt pressure to skip meals and spend a lot of time exercising.

Dianne Buswell crying in Freeze the Fear
Many of the celebrities have found the show an emotional experience. (Hungry Bear Media)

She says: "I definitely took the body image thing to an unhealthy level."

Buswell tells the group: "I went through one point that I wouldn't eat, so I just had a drink for my breakfast, a drink for my dinner. I got really sick."

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Explaining more about how extreme things got, she says: "It had come to a point where I couldn't go any further. I was passing out side of stage, my body almost felt like it was starting to shut down."

The dancer visited a doctor for tests and says of the results: "They said my heart was under so much pressure that you could have a heart attack, basically."

The Freeze the Fear celebrities
Dianne Buswell is one of the celebrities taking part in Freeze the Fear. (Hungry Bear Media)

Although she says she is much better now, she adds: "There's still that voice in the back of your head, I don't think it ever 100% goes away, but it's the way that I deal with it now that is so much stronger and healthier and better for me."

Last week, viewers were shocked to hear footballer Patrice Evra's story of his difficult childhood, which included abuse at the hands of his headteacher, begging outside of shops and selling drugs.

Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof airs tonight (Tuesday) at 9pm on BBC One.

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