Strikeforce Contender in Waiting, Sarah Kaufman Could Use a Dose of WWE Smack Talk Training

If only the Fabulous Moolah from WWE were still alive. Maybe, as an entertainer, Moolah could offer former Strikeforce champion, Sarah Kaufman some "how to keep people interested in you for a long time" marketing and showmanship advice.

Sarah Kaufman, would-be contender for Meisha Tate's Strikeforce championship title, isn't getting her shot on March 3rd because as she put it, "Ronda told the public she wanted to (take) the 135 title fight with Miesha Tate because she was marketable and wasn't ready to fight Cyborg at 145lbs." source

Moolah would have spiced up her response and made it more memorable. Moolah, as I've recently discovered, was still participating in televised WWE wrestling matches when she was 76!

Along the way, in her 40 years of wrestling, Moolah lost her looks, but she didn't lose her audience.

Moolah would have told everyone where to stick it, if she were in Sarah's position--contender in waiting.

Is Sarah too rational and polite?

Sarah's arguments about why Ronda should not be fighting are falling on deaf ears. Strikeforce management have chosen Ronda Rousey, currently second on the Women's Featherweight list behind Cris Cyborg, to face Miesha Tate on March 3rd.

They chose Ronda over Sarah, a former Strikeforce champion and a dangerous striker, and who was promoted to brown belt in October 2011.

"I have to thank my coach Adam Zugec and professor, Marcus Soares, for giving me my brown belt in BJJ. I'm in shock and definitely worried about defending it properly. I guess I don't have much choice, but to keep training hard and make my instructors proud.

Moolah would have added more grit to that statement. video

Strikeforce CEO, Scott Coker and his team, are in the business of successfully matching up fighters and building an audience. They must have good reasons for keeping Sarah in the wings and allowing Ronda to fight Miesha first.

Ariel Helwani published two lists of active Strikeforce fighters:

Women's Featherweight: 145

1. Cris Cyborg (currently suspended for one year for using a banned substance)

2. Ronda Rousey

3. Hiroko Yamanaka (Cyborg didn't need enhancement to finish off Hiroko)

4. Julia Budd (lost to Ronda Rousey by armbar in less than one minute)

5. Germaine de Randamie (kick-boxer)

6. Sarah D'Alelio (lost to Ronda Rousey by armbar in less than one minute)

(According to, there are only six active fighters in this weight class.)

Women's Bantamweight: 135

1. Miesha Tate - current champion

2. Sarah Kaufman

3. Alexis Davis - scheduled for March 3rd against Sarah Kaufman

4. Liz Carmouche - defeated by Sarah Kaufman in July 2011

5. Amanda Nunes

6. Julie Kedzie

7. Kerry Vera

(According to, there are only seven active fighters in this weight class.)

The more interesting fights for Ronda Rousey are in the Bantamweight division.

Sarah Kaufman has all the tools to be the next Strikeforce champion

When asked whether she would fight Ronda at 135 during an interview with Full Contact Fighter, Sarah said, "No! I'm fighting Miesha. I've worked my way up. I've put in my time. I've had six fights with Strikeforce. Three of them were championship fights. Miesha needs to be fighting me. Miesha is the champion and I'm the first contender." source

Sarah has all the tools to be the next Strikeforce champion. We'll have to wait and see if Sarah can maintain her rational, mild manner and continue to make polite statements during the March 3rd event.

I think Rousey vs. Kaufman would be an excellent "grudge match" fight. I'm looking forward to seeing that fight happen in 2012. In fact, I'm looking forward to that fight more than the Rousey-Tate fight. Sarah will have more time to boil and show the world her dark side.

Source: for fight and fighter info,

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