Strikeforce Fight Picks - Lukehold Vs. Jardine: Fan's View

Keith Jardine, the "Dean of Mean" with his herky-jerky fighting style is back in the cage for Strikeforce and fighting for the Middleweight Championship on Friday, January 7th, live and free on Showtime starting at 10 pm EST. His opponent is current champion, Luke Rockhold. biography info

In September, 2011, Rockhold won a five round unanimous decision over Ronaldo Souza to win the Strikeforce middleweight championship. Jardine wants that belt.

Rockhold on Jardine: "He's a very unorthodox fighter. He throws a lot of random punches when you don't expect them, so you've got to be aware of those situations. He's a fighter, and he's gonna come to fight, no matter who it is, and he's not scared of anybody, so I'm just prepared for what's in front of me, and I'm very up to the task. I feel that I'll be a faster, more technical fighter."

Jardine on Rockhold: "I haven't really seen him get in a real fight. He's won a lot of contests and won a lot of games, but I haven't really seen him get in a fight, and I want to test him."

Jardine, with a record of 17-9-2 has more wars under his belt than the champion, Rockhold (8-1). Jardine, at 36, is nearly ten years older than Rockhold. Jardine has lost more professional MMA fights than Rockhold has fought.

Strikeforce Fight Predictions: Rockhold vs. Jardine

Rockhold vs. Jardine: Going with Keith Jardine, the older, more seasoned fighter because this is probably his last chance to win a title. Ex-bounty hunter, the Dean of Mean has a puncher's chance. Hopefully, he's been practicing his RNC escape. Rockhold has four wins by RNC submission.

Prediction: Jardine to win

Robbie Lawlor vs. Adlan Amagov: I'm still getting to know the fighters on the Strikeforce roster. I looked up Amagov because I don't remember seeing him fight. I found an awesome video of Amagov delivering a spinning head kick that knocked out his opponent. I hope "Ruthless" Robbie Lawlor doesn't end up toothless from a head kick from Amagov. video

Prediction: Amagov to win

Mo Lawal vs. Lorenz Larkin: This fight holds the most interest for me on this card. When fists and knees are flying, a knock-out could happen at any time. Mo Lawal is a wrestler who can strike. That's a strong advantage, but I'm going with Lorenz.

Prediction: Lorenz Larkin to win

Tyron Woodley vs. Jordan Mein: Both of these guys are on multiple fight winning streaks. This will be another exciting fight between two well-matched opponents. Tough to choose, but I'm going with Tyron to bring his man-strength (age 29) to the younger man, Jordan, age 21.

Prediction: Woodley to win

Tarec Saffiedine vs. Tyler Stinson: picking the striker, Saffiedine to win.

Prediction: Saffiedine

The Coin Toss Prediction Test

For the first time, since I've been making predictions, I went 0-5 for UFC 141. I didn't pick one winner.

I wasn't alone since UFC fighter, Shane Carwin had the same picks as me. He tweeted after each fight.

On his picks for the night: "Sorry Brock fans but I picked @DCBrockLesnar so this might not go well. 0-4 thus far. My wife is picking AO (Overeem)."

On his experience fighting Brock Lesnar: "wow hard to watch so little damage finish a fighter (Brock Lesnar) that took so much from you (me) and stood in there."

Looks like his wife saw something Shane Carwin and I didn't. Knowing that a UFC fighter picked the same fighters to win as I did made me feel better. But it made me wonder if I would have done better by tossing a coin.

The Coin Toss Prediction Test: My heads or tails coin toss test predicts that this time, I have two out of five right.

That'll do for a start.

Source: for fighter stats, Twitter, biography info

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