Strong Wind Gusts Blow Furniture Off High-Rise Balcony in San Francisco

A couch flew from a high-rise balcony in San Francisco as fierce wind gusts tore through the area on March 21.

Brandon Au recorded this video, and told Storyful he was walking around the property with a real-estate agent when he noticed how hard the wind was blowing.

“I noticed the tiles on the balcony flying and water seeping through the door, so I started recording,” he said. “When I was recording, the tiles jumped up more aggressively. That is when I noticed the couch flying in the sky from the building across.”

He said the furniture came off a balcony from another high-rise building.

The video shows balcony tiles slamming up against a glass door before Au exclaims that a couch just flew. He posted followup footage showing brown cushions and a bent metal sofa frame on the ground.

The National Weather Service warned of high winds with gusts of more than 70 mph in higher elevation areas. Credit: Brandon Au via Storyful