Struggling Baby Elephant Gets A Helping Trunk From Its Mother

The video shows the adorable moment of a mother elephant using her trunk to help her struggling baby to get out of a slippery mud wallow. Elephants are not only large and intimidating, but they are also animals that show a lot of love and care towards one another. The bond between a mother elephant and her baby is incredibly strong. After a twenty-two-month gestation period, the investment in the baby is huge and the whole herd will protect a baby if need be. Elephants love to cool down in the mud and as seen in this video, the babies love it just as much, if not more. It is always one thing getting into the mud wallow and play, but getting out can become a whole different story. The video shows two baby elephants struggling to get out of the mud wallow after their play session. The one baby eventually managed to get out by itself with some effort, but the second baby elephant had it more difficult. The baby elephant tried its best to get out, but it kept slipping and falling back into the wallow. One nearby herd member gave a little support, but the real help came when the mother elephant realised what was going on. Using her trunk, the mother elephant supported her baby from the back. With the mother’s trunk as a support from behind, the baby elephant finally got some traction and managed to get out of the slippery mud. The baby elephant looked so happy and adorable, running off to join the rest of the herd.