Student Protesters Throw Stones at Police in Toulouse

Student protesters in Toulouse, France, took to the streets for the fourth day in a row on Thursday, December 6, violently clashing with police.

According to France Bleu, between 2,000 and 3,000 students initially gathered at Université Jean-Jaurès to protest change to the Baccalauréat on Thursday. Violence began when a portion of those assembled marched towards Saint Cyprien, near the city center. As they marched, protesters smashed bus stops, set fires, and threw rocks at police, Toulouse’s Dépêche du Midi reported. On several occasions, security forces fired tear gas into the crowds to attempt to control and disperse them.

Footage captured on Thursday shows a protesters launching rocks near the city center and security forces launching tear gas on the Pont Neuf. One officer lobbed gas canisters up a set of stairs. At least 1000 protesters were reported present.

Toulouse Mayor Jean-Luc Moudenc condemned the violence, saying today’s protesters arrived with the sole goal of causing chaos. Credit: Brice VIdal via Storyful