Student With Special Needs Scores First Ever Shot as Rival Schools Put Competition Aside

Players from rival schools in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, put competition aside to create a special moment for a student with special needs during the final basketball game of the season.

Murfreesboro City Schools shared footage of the special moment on Facebook on November 22, saying Jaiden Dickson, a 6th grade student with special needs, has been the manager for the 4th to 6th grade John Pittard basketball team for two years, often getting the chance to practice with the team.

Dickson had never managed to score during practice, but was given the chance to play during the game against Mitchell-Neilson Elementary.

Local media quoted Principal Adam Bryson as saying, “It was just so organic…Without being coached, the opposite team kept passing him the ball so he could take his shot."

The footage shows players repeatedly passing the ball to Jaiden, who misses a few times before he finally makes the shot. A spokesperson for Murfreesboro City Schools said the coach was so happy, he ran out onto the court to celebrate.

“It was something bigger than Jaiden and all of us,” Principal Adam Bryson was quoted as saying. “I had to walk out of the gym I got so emotional.” Credit: Murfreesboro City Schools via Storyful