Student success a highlight of Raceland board meeting

Mar. 20—RACELAND — Achievements and accomplishments of Raceland-Worthington students kicked off Monday's school board meeting.

Students enrolled in the robotic course presented handcrafted robots to the Raceland board Monday, showcasing efforts and hard work put into the creation.

Kristina Brown, robotics and chemistry teacher at Raceland-Worthington High School, said they were the second Kentucky school finishing in the top four of the state competition.

"They did very well this year, I am super proud of them," she said to the board.

The handcrafted robot, completely mobile and remote-controlled, is designed to pick up and move "Pixels" — which is hexagonal in shape. The robot carrying four wheels and metal body was built by the robotics class of 2023-24.

Among the accomplishments listed throughout the evening was the elementary students accelerating in reading composition and spelling.

The district recognized the following: kindergarten students who have mastered all of their letters, sounds and assigned sight words; first-grade students who have earned 50 AR points; and elementary students who have garnered 75 AR points.

"We have students who have been working so hard and this is their night to shine," said Lisa Farley, principal of Campbell Elementary. "We thank you parents for working with them, I see what you are doing at home and I know you practice. I appreciate that very much."

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