Not so clever: Student falls over trying to take selfie at her own graduation

A red-faced student took Britain’s most embarrassing selfie - by falling over trying to photo her own graduation.

Decorative art graduate Terri Winghei Ng, 22, took a tumble during the ceremony in front of hundreds of people - as her six-inch platform shoes buckled on stage.

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Split-seconds before she fell Terri had taken a selfie to record her proudest moment on her camera phone - but pride turned to humiliation as she fell over.

Terri, who lives in Nottingham but is originally from Hong Kong, said: 'I was planning to take a selfie on the stage because there was a university alumni competition for the best one. I thought I would do something ironic and that it would make everyone smile.

'There were a lot of people there and I thought they'd all love it if I took a selfie.'

The art student was wearing state-of-the-art decorative fashion heels big enough to make pop icon Lady Gaga blush when she slipped in front of hundreds of people watching the ceremony at Nottingham Trent University.

Little did Terri know the whole scenario was captured on camera by friend Chloe Nicholls' family who were sat in the stands watching the ceremony.

She added: 'When I got onstage I was really nervous and I realised my shoes were a bit loose. I'd been walking around all day in them until then with no problems so I thought it would all be fine, but I just slipped.

'I'd worn them before but this time I wasn't wearing any socks underneath so that's probably why my feet gave way because there was nothing for them to grip.

'Once you start falling there's no going back. It was horrible and I could feel everyone watching me.

'When I fell down I just didn't know what to do for a split second. It all happened so quick and it was so embarrassing but at least I saw the funny side later.'

Graduate Terri, who is a huge fan of the frenzy of smartphone self-portraits loved by celebs such as Kim Kardashian and Kelly Brook, added: 'The picture's come out a bit blurry because of the fall and obviously I was pretty nervous and shaky at the time. But I got everyone in behind it - it's definitely a picture worth keeping.'

Terri Winghei Ng, 22 can be seen walking to collect her diploma while trying to take the selfie, she stumbles and falls (SWNS)
Even after falling Terri Winghei Ng, 22 completes her selfie (SWNS)
Terri Winghei Ng, 22 at her graduation (SWNS)