Student warns against hair-claw clips after it caused car-crash injuries

Emily Weekes explains the dangers of driving whikst wearing sa hair claw clip   (emily.veles/tikTok)
Emily Weekes explains the dangers of driving whikst wearing sa hair claw clip (emily.veles/tikTok)

A student from the University of Derby is warning drivers against wearing hair-claw clips while behind the wheel after her hair accessory caused extensive injuries during a crash.

According to BBC News, the incident in question happened back in January when Jeena Panesar, 19, was returning home from a secondary school placement.

The forensic psychology student was trying to navigate her vehicle during foggy weather conditions when she came across an unexpected bend in the road.

Talking about it, she explained: “When I left work, it was a little foggy, but then it suddenly got really thick while I was driving.

“I felt my tyre dip into what I thought was a pothole, but the police later told me was a gully.”

She continued: “In the thick fog I couldn’t see clearly and I came to an unexpected bend. I tried to brake and make the turn on time, but I lost control of the car and it skidded across to the other side of the road.

“I think I hit a tree, which caused the car to flip - the police said it flipped 50 metres.”

The teenager blacked out while her car flipped before regaining consciousness. “I was in shock and in a panic, but I crawled and dragged myself out of the smashed window,” she said.

Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham (PA)
Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham (PA)

Eventually, passing motorists stopped by to help her. She was taken to the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham where she underwent surgery and started her six-week recovery.

In the aftermath of her crash, her medical-care team informed her that the cut from her left eyebrow to the back of her head was caused by her hair clip and the car roof. She said: “The doctors told me I had a 30cm cut from my left eyebrow to the back of my head, which they thought was caused by the car roof and my hair clip.

“I want to advise people to take out their hair-claw clips before driving because I’m worried it could happen to someone else. I was really lucky, but I don’t want anyone else to take the risk,” she warned.