Students narrowly avoid massive mudslides on their way back to school in China

Over 30 students narrowly avoided massive mudslides on their way back to school in southern China. The dramatic video, shot in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province on August 27, shows a large amount of mud sweeping down mountains. According to reports, teachers, leaders of the village and more than 20 parents escorted the students to walk to the school in the town. The adults reportedly spotted the mudslides three times and shouted for the students to run, so they could avoid the mudslides in time. The students and adults have since passed through the area safely. The mudslides blocked the road and diggers were needed to clear the road. It was the first time to mudslide were reported in that area as it is not known to be a danger point of geological disasters. The video was provided by local media with permission.

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