Studio manager gets the shock of their life after finding a SLUG in their lateral flow test

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A studio manager got the shock of their life when they found a SLUG in a lateral flow test. 

Sophs Forte, 28, picked up a box of Flowflex tests, which are available from the NHS, from their local pharmacy earlier this month.

But when they opened one up they got the shock of their life - finding a slimy creature inside.

Their reaction was to yell, "What the f***, there's a slug!" before launching the vial - and the entire box of tests - into the bin. 

Sophs said: "I pulled one of the vials and immediately spotted something black - and I quickly realised what it was. 

"I shouted to my family but nobody believed it until I showed them. It was just squashed in there - luckily it wasn't moving." 

They said after the initial shock, the funny side kicked in. 

"As disgusting as it is, I found it quite funny," Sophs continued.

"I have no idea how a slug would even have ended up in there - at what point in the production line would that happen?! 

"Well... the slug was declining to answer. 

"I'm not blaming the NHS, they've worked hard enough and have a lot on. I don't know what happened or how.

"But keep an eye on your Covid tests!"

Flowflex has been approached for comment.

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