Stuff of nightmares! Sleeping man awakes to find cobra in his bed

This is the terrifying moment a man sleeping at a temple in northwestern India awoke to find a deadly cobra in his bed. CCTV footage captured on September 5 at Mandareshwar Temple in Banswara in the state of Rajasthan shows the Indian spectacled cobra slithering towards the man and then crawling onto the mattress on which he is soundly sleeping. Unaware of the reptile, the man continues to sleep for a few moments but then he rolls over and feels the cobra wrapped around his leg. In a panic, he leaps to his feet, whips off his blankets and reveals the deadly intruder. The snake snaps at him once before crawling away into the temple grounds. The man, who had been sleeping at the temple for the last 44 days as part of his religious practice, was unharmed in the incident. A temple official said wild animals were seen often at the temple which is situated on the Aravalli mountain range.

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