Stunned cat owners catch their new cat using the loo - like a human

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Watch the hilarious moment stunned cat owners catch their new cat using the toilet like a human

A family was stunned to walk in on their new cat as he was doing his business - sat on their downstairs lavatory.

Watch the moment parents Garry and Angela Oakes, from Meifod in North Wales, had the shock of a lifetime when they caught their daughter's beloved rescue cat, Dylan, sat using the toilet like a human.

When Garry, 50, spotted cheeky Dylan doing his business in their downstairs toilet, he rushed to fetch wife Angela, 48 - and neither parent could believe their eyes at what they were seeing.

They can be heard in the background of the video chuckling in disbelief at the bizarre sight, which was filmed last year, when Dylan had only been living with them for two weeks.

Dad Garry, a photographer, explained that when their daughter, Maya Oakes, 12, had told them of Dylan's strange habit the week before, they hadn't believed her.

Garry said: "It was such a bizarre and unique sight, we couldn't really believe what we were seeing."

The parents had bought rescue cat Dylan for Maya for Christmas last year, after she begged them for months - and they told that Maya is "very attached" to the pet.

Now Dylan has been living with the family for a year, Garry said he's ditched the bizarre toilet habits, but he's still "got a personality of his own" - and he even bosses their huge German Shepherd around.

Garry concluded: "He is definitely a unique cat - but we all adore him."