Stunning Light Painting Art Project Imagines Lockdown Leisure Venues Alive With People

A ‘light painting’ artist has created a new stunning project. It highlights how people have been missing from leisure venues during lockdowns. Janne Parviainen, from Helsinki, uses a technique whereby he traces patterns and shapes using light sources caught with a camera on a long exposure setting. Everything seen in his picture is captured 'in-camera', with one exposure taking 46 minutes. He says it shows the “fantastic, secret lives behind locked doors from the corona lockdown times in Helsinki”. Jannes explains: “as a health security measure, Finnish bars, gyms and public spaces such as theatres have been closed for the past few months. I've been wondering how the once crowded, but now empty spaces around us look like and have started to fantasise a whole fantastic life inside them". “for the project I visited different locations including an empty pool hall, laser fight arena, art school, dance club and a beautiful theatre to create light paintings for the photo series."