Stunning slow-mo videos show a robin swooping in to land on a man's hand to feed

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This is the adorable moment a robin came in to land on a man's hand before eating from his palm after the pair struck up an unlikely friendship.

The stunning video was captured by Tom Hollowood, 37, who has been visiting his feathered friend every morning since January.

He gained the robin's trust by laying down bird food whilst walking his dogs, and gradually guiding it onto his hand - and eventually on to his head.

Tom, from Rushall, Walsall, West Mids., said: "The first time he flew into my hand I was overwhelmed and it made me so happy.

"The fact that he trusted me and we had made a bond while lockdown was happening was joyful."

Tom named the robin Ragnar after a character from TV drama Vikings that he was watching after Christmas.

Ragnar was sitting on the branch of an oak tree in Park Lime Pits Local Nature Reserve when Tom decided to approach and say hello.

The following day he noticed he was still there so decided to take some bird food for him.

He said: "I laid it on ground to which he came straight down and helped himself too it. 

"Over the weeks we grew closer and within time he started to trust me and would fly into my hand and even take seed from the top of my head.

"To this day today I'm still going to visit him every morning to give him his breakfast and to listen to him sing songs."

The Morrison's retail manager decided to start trying to capture some videos of his bird pal and then post them on TikTok, which have now reached over 1.2 million views.

Tom said: "At first I was reluctant to share my videos online but within time I decided to upload to showcase our friendship and to show people how magnificent these birds are.

"Especially as Ragnar helped me through lockdown I decided he needed a bit of limelight and encourage other people to be kind to nature and try this.

"There is nothing better than seeing these magnificent birds in the wild, listening to them sing and watching them go about their daily activities."

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