Glorious fields of green: Stunning snap captures the rare beauty of bumper crop of sprouts

Chris Parsons
Yahoo! News UK
The glorious sunrise scene in Lincolnshire (Caters)

They're traditionally the much-maligned vegetable in the Christmas meal, but there's no denying these particular sprouts are a spectacular sight.

The stunning image of a burning orange sky over a 12-acre crop is enough to tempt even the most ardent of sprout haters over the festive period.

The unlikely picturesque landscape shows the sun rising over a bumper crop of sprouts at Wool Hall Farm in Spalding, Lincs.

But while this picture-perfect landscape may capture the beauty of the usually dreaded sprout, the real test will be in the taste as the vegetable makes its way onto our plates in under a fortnight.

And it's a bumper crop for sprouts this year with 1,000 tonnes being harvested from Wool Hall Farm alone.

The Lincolnshire farm is the main sprout supplier for supermarket chain Asda who predict to sell 1,200 tonnes of the vegetable over the festive season - that is the same weight as 100 double decker buses.

Andy Wareham from Asda's produce team said, "Whether you love them or hate them you can't deny sprouts are a great British tradition and our appetite for them continues to grow.

"This festive season, we will sell around 1,200,000kg worth which when laid end to end, would stretch all the way from London to New York. Our shoppers really are mad a-sprout them."

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