Stuntman cheats death when 360ft 'tunnel of fire' collapses as he speeds through

Chris Parsons

A daredevil biker cheats death when his record attempt at speeding through a 'tunnel of fire' takes a near-disastrous turn.

Stuntman Clint Ewing was attempting to reclaim his world record by driving through a 362ft-long fire tunnel on his Yamaha bike.

Torch bearers lit the cardboard-draped tunnel seconds before Ewing sped into the tunnel, only for the blazing structure to start to collapse seconds later.

Within moments of going inside the tunnel at full speed and with a huge blaze threatening to spiral out of control, Ewing appeared to be stuck inside.

But later he stumbles from the side of the blazing tunnel, having crashed his bike into a wall.

A video filmed by onlooker Trevor Krugman shows Ewing's dramatic entrance into the tunnel, and his frantic dash to safety after almost being engulfed by flames.

Firefighters rushed to treat the stuntman, as his motorbike lay in a charred, crumpled heap by the inferno.

Ewing's current condition is not known following the abandoned stunt on August 7, but he was able to walk away from the scene in the immediate aftermath.