Stylish businessman wearing a suit rides his WAKEBOARD home from work

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This video shows a businessman in a suit with his briefcase gliding into the weekend with a commute home - on a his WAKEBOARD.

Justin Anley, 27, went out for a surf and donned his suit and tie as well sipping a glass of his favourite drink - brandy and coke. 

Company director Justin said: "The surfing itself feels great in a suit! 

"Once I ended up in the water however, you realize how much heavier the suit is!

"I am a hard worker, and in return I play hard. 

"I wanted to make a video that promotes hard working and playing in a single video. 

"Therefore, wake surfing and dressed for work is the perfect combination of the two."

Justin and his girlfriend, Cacha Johnson, 29, went to Hout Bay in Cape Town, South Africa to capture the hilarious stunt.

Video editor Cacha said: "When Justin floated the idea to me, my first thought was 'hell yes!'

"I was beyond excited to do this and my brain went crazy with ideas for more suit up videos.

"For the next stunts we are looking at couch surfing, kite surfing, dirt bikes, and we own two mini pigs which we are wanting to suit up with Justin as well.

"The comments and reactions have been amazing and full of excitement so far."

The clip was taken on April 17 2021.